Valerie Thompson, Career/Life Coach for Professional People
I work for individuals, rather than companies, on a one-to-one basis, bringing all my experience to bear, and providing a bespoke professional service.  To arrange a free no obligation telephone consultation, which will last about twenty minutes, email me, mentioning the best days/times; when you can chat without interruption. I offer an outplacement programme, as outlined on the relevant page.


Mobile: 07903 16502607903 165026
Landline: 01323 47215201323 472152

Kindly note withheld numbers are not answered: Please leave a message and I shall call you back as soon as I am able.

Bio: Fourteen years with Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup). Eighteen years as a  small business owner, providing consulting, outplacement, training, and recruitment services to, primarily, investment banks, in the UK and overseas. Published author. A mother and grandmother.

Full CV available upon request.



Coaching provides a safe framework within which a person can speak freely, without fear of judgement, knowing their coach wants for them precisely what they want for themselves. Sometimes coaching takes the form of support during a stressful phase, other times it can involve a structured approach to achieve a particular goal, or set of goals, perhaps in relation to a career or lifestyle change. People get coaching for lots of reasons, which can be personal or professional in nature, or a combination of the two. There are no hard and fast rules, and overlap is common.

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Coaching Scenarios & Benefits

Why Change Can Take Time

The Ideal Coachee

“If only (whatever it is) everything would be great.”  “All he/she had to do was (whatever it is) and everything would have been okay.”  “I’ll be fine once I (change jobs, get a job, move house, whatever it is).”  Have you ever thought along these lines?  Only to discover there was more to it than replacing one piece of the jigsaw? 

We human beings are not widgets.  We have a mental self, a physical self, an emotional self and a soul/spiritual self (whatever that means to a person, since it varies a lot).  We also have what's sometimes called the shadow, as well as a light side.  And each of these aspects of self needs to be sufficiently cared for and respected and all aspects sufficiently integrated for a person to feel sufficiently fulfilled.  To state the obvious, there is no arriving as such, just a continual expansion and progression, and it is natural to want more.  But knowing what it is we need or want is not always obvious, nor is knowing how best to go about getting it.

"I am in a much better place now than when I first met you: you must take total credit for this. I am most grateful to you."

"Each phone call leaves me with the certain knowledge that I have just spent worthwhile time, had a meaningful exchange, and know more than I did previously."

"I couldn't have done it without you."

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